3D print of hat could be changed functionally! This printable file from Thingiverse is originally for making a hook on the wall. I used the hole for my sky blue pencil and made a pencil stand instead.


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Hat transformed Pen Stand

A 3D printing a Day with Silver filament 



Today’s “book of print” (where I found ideas for what to print) is Rene Magritte, a mix of biography and research about the famous surrealist. I’m sure I’ll make more than one palettes from the images of Magritte – it means I have chances to show you his paintings on other posts. So let me have only one which includes hats and just move on to 3D print of hat for this post.


Image of the painting by Magritte on a blog post of re,play404 Korea

The Mysteries of the Horizon by Rene Magritte


I visited Thingiverse as usual to search what kind of hats that I could find. I think many of you who search 3D print-related keywords on Google already know about Thingiverse, the treasure island of 3D printable STL files. So I skip “Thingiverse on Wikipedia” this time. Of course you can check on Wiki if you’re not very familiar to the website.

Go to check hats on Thingiverse >>


Actually I searched the hats like on Magritte’s Paintings – something dark and mysterious. Since I couldn’t find what I wanted at first, I searched hats that look like Mad Hatter’s and found this one (maybe for gentle Mad Hatters) finally. Special thanks to “Tosh”(Thingiverse user) for this silk hat hook which is also good to be a pencil stand for me. I’d love to share my STL files sometime next.


3D print of hat image on a blog post of re,play404 Korea


3D print of hat or pen stand by my printer:

  • Hardware: Cubicon Style
  • Software: Cubicreator 3.6.8 
  • Estimated time: 00:59 (ABS, no raft)
  • Filament cost: 10.20g (ABS, no raft)


Here I have a silver (ABS) 3D printed hat with my pencil, on the book from which I got the printing idea. You can find an English version of the book on Amazon. Since the book is written by a professional researcher, it’s not recommendable for the people who are not very interested in the works of Magritte. But I strongly recommend if you’re a big fan of Magritte and want to study his world of art more deeply than popular level.

Honestly the filament color was “less silver” (almost gray) than I expected, though the quality was good.
So I postponed to buy a roll of gold filament, wondering if there’s some “more silver” one – maybe I’ll try metallic filaments next time.


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3D print of hat image on a blog post of re,play404 Korea

3D print of hat image on a blog post of re,play404 Korea


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