Unfortunately you can’t eat this apple – it’s only 3D printable object. You might need brim to make your printing more stable but basically it was okay without any type of supporters. You can also print your favorite fruit other than apple.


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Little Blue Apple

A 3D printing a Day with Aqua Blue PLA



Since I love Rene Magritte so much, today’s book of print is just same as the previous one. Of course the object is different and here I have a blue apple. I want this “a 3D printing a day” doesn’t bother my everyday work in my studio so I made it quite small.
You can imagine how many “branded” apples (you know what it is!) that I could get, when I searched “apple” on Thingiverse. Except them this apple was the prettiest one that I could find.


3D printing blue apple image on a blog post of re,play404 Korea


There’re many photos of 3D printed results on Thingiverse so you can check them before downloading files. Special thanks to “Poh”(Thingiverse user) for this cute apple, for me to have it on my desk. I wish I could share my 3D models soon (need some time though).

Go to check apples on Thingiverse >>


The infill was 30% for this printing so you might need brim or something if you fill the model less. But I think the model is pretty stable without anything so you can get a nicely shaped apple


3D printing blue apple image on a blog post of re,play404 Korea


3D printable object, an apple by my printer:

  • Hardware: Cubicon Style
  • Software: Cubicreator 3.6.8
  • Estimated time: 01:41 (PLA)
  • Filament cost: 28.37g (PLA, infill 30%)


I chose aqua blue PLA for this little apple and was satisfied with the pastel color. I’m using ABS as well but would like to use more PLA because it’s biodegradable, originally from corn.
These days people are developing more bio plastics for 3D printing materials so my PLA collection would be wider.
Since blue is not a typical apple color, it goes well with the background (on the last photo), the open pages of Rene Magritte book. I’d love to take another photo with a new, bigger apple!


[shortly Korean] 프린트 가능한 사과 3D printable object – 먹을 수는 없지만 전에 프린트했던 사과입니다. 파란 PLA가 책 배경과 잘 어울리죠. 옥수수 전분으로 만든 PLA 는 생분해되기 때문에 더 많이 사용하려고 합니다.



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3D printing blue apple image on a blog post of re,play404 Korea


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