What is the best ABS print speed? How about PLA? How can I find the best 3D print speed for a specific filament? Lower speeds make better prints but you don’t need to have it “too low”. Try different settings for better prints – I think this may be the only answer to these questions. So I tried to find my best speed for a blue Easter bunny.


Rabbit plant marker - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Secret Garden” re,play404


Easter Bunny

Lower ABS Print Speed


Since I loved Easter egg on the previous 3D Prints article, I have another Easter-themed object. Actually it was last week when I printed this bunny (which I already posted on re,play404 Instagram) but I’ve been pretty busy for these two weeks. So I’m writing about 3D printed Easter bunny today, finally.

If you’re using a 3D printer you may think about how to find the best speed for your printer, filament and model. Default print speeds usually don’t cause problem with simple models. But lower speeds make better prints. Therefore, you’d better have the speed lower if you print things that need accurate dimensions.



Lower ABS print speed & higher infill

Printable file is from Thingiverse as usual – special thanks to “muzz64” for sharing. This Easter bunny doesn’t need to be precise, so I tried first print with default setting and it was failed. Actually I knew the problem which I’ve forgotten for a while.

I like this half transparent ABS filament but it’s not built well on the printer bed sometimes. Brim is not for this curved model as well. I heard tape or glue would be solutions but have never tried them on my printer bed.

What I found from my previous printing experiences is to change settings for infill and ABS print speed (it would be the same with PLAs basically).


ABS print speed with a 3D Easter bunn


There are several speeds – supporter print speed, travel speed, inner wall print speed, outer wall print speed, first layer print speed, infill speed and retraction speed (in my poor English translated from Korean, so the terms in your languages would be slightly different).

At first the travel speed was 100 which I thought a bit fast for this filament to be well-built (no problem with other ABSs). So I made it lower to 80. I also made infill higher than usual (10%) like the data below. Since other speeds (including first layer print speed) look okay, I left them as they were.

  • Hardware: Cubicon Style
  • Software: Cubicreator 3.6.8
  • Estimate time: 01:11 (ABS), Scale 0.96 Infill 20%, Travel speed 80 mm/s
  • Filament cost: 12.62g (ABS)



Try different settings for better prints

By the way photo and video editing is one way for me to spend my stay at home (or studio) time.
So I made short video clips with these Easter objects. I used VLLO app for the clips and wrote how to if you’re wondering, though “putting little chicken on the egg” is even too simple to explain.


Although we don’t have any Easter events, it’s good to make this 3D printed Easter bunny and add data for best settings. Honestly I don’t have my print settings too complicated but sometimes need to try (at least) more than twice to get better results.

We can be more connected virtually these days! Maybe you also have more time at home so please leave a comment if you want to ask me anything related to this (or other) article. I do need more experience with 3D printing and you can share yours too.


Rabbit plant marker - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Secret Garden” re,play404


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