Antique cameras are beautiful. If there’s a special camera museum focusing on them, I definitely want to go. Camera Heritage Museum in United States would be the place with their valuable collections.


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Camera Heritage Museum

Museum of Historical Antique Cameras



Honestly I’m not a camera enthusiast. I don’t change cameras very often and have my Panasonic GF1 for almost 10 years. However “seeing hundreds of old film cameras from the last century in one place” is another story and here’s a unique museum for it.


Located in Staunton in Western Central Virginia The Camera Heritage Museum houses a unique collection of antique cameras dating from the 19th century to modern times. They often have both a historical significance and a provenance that is interesting to all. We have opened this collection to the public so that everyone has an opportunity to view these historical treasures. You will find samples of many of the different kinds of cameras which the museum exhibits in the galleries listed above.



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Antique camera museum for photo lovers

This museum doesn’t provide photos of the inside so I recommend you to watch the video and virtual tour on the museum website. It seems the space is a bit small for the collections so their future plan to move into bigger building is quite understandable. But I think the museum is nice enough only with all those beautiful antique and vintage cameras.
Since we can feel the history of photography from the old film cameras, they must be impressive to us, the digital photographers. 



I have visited United States once and it was a bit short for each city – like one day in Vegas, one day in Washington, D.C., etc. Since Staunton, VA is not very familiar to the average Koreans like me, I’m not sure for having a chance to visit there even in the future. 
But who knows, if I meet those historical cameras in person and take photos at the museum for my blog, though I would use my iPhone and photo apps to save them in my memory?

Camera Heritage Museum, 1 West Beverley St Staunton, VA 24401, USA


[shortly Korean] 미국 버지니아 Camera Heritage Museum – 앤틱 카메라 박물관. 관광지가 아니라서 방문 가능성이 희박하다는 게 아쉽네요. 사진의 역사와 함께한 백여년 전의 필름 카메라들을 감상할 수 있습니다.



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all image source: Camera Heritage Museum


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