Do you want to grow fresh herbs in your indoor herb garden? Then you can consider buying a product like this. Droponic is an indoor garden modular for hydroponic cultivation and can be mounted on window. You can also track the plant and share your experience via mobile app.


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Space saving Indoor Herb Garden


I think smart mini gardens are quite trending these days. This product is similar to SproutsIO which I introduced in GO Green before. SproutsIO includes lamp while Droponic makes it easier to use space. I love the way it looks on window and let me describe Droponic shortly like this.


  • Hydroponic (soil free) indoor garden modular
  • Space saving, mountable on window
  • Guided by app through the experience of growing

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Indoor herb garden mounted on window

I’d like to quote their story about “the birth of Droponic” here. It’s interesting to hear how things made at first. As a designer I love to develop simple ideas just like they did. And I envy they even have a hydroponic specialist in the team to make the indoor herb garden idea real.


Droponic started at the hackaton of Draper University Spring 2015 Session. Our first working prototype was created in 48 hours and we had great results. We used a plunger to paste it in a normal window so it was space saving. Then we drilled 4 holes into the stick to insert threading screwing lights bulbs with dried seeds and nutrients inside. The idea was to put a small pump inside the sucker and pump water through the stick so the herbs start to grow with no soil included.





Maybe “eat fresh” is one of the most important things for our health. So it’s nice to have a simple modular that can help you actually do it with zero or (at least) low effort.
I regularly buy packs of mixed vegetables for salad and sometimes find them go discolored. Honestly I’m far from green thumb and not gardening at all but hope to start in this year, maybe with one of these products. And who knows, if I grow pretty big indoor herb garden in a year?


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all image source: Droponic Company


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