It’s another video editor that you can enjoy in a minute. Gifx is mainly for adding effects to your videos or still images and making the results GIFs or movies easily.


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Animated Effects to Photos or Videos



If you happen to expect an app to make a GIF by a series of still images, this is not the one (I’ll definitely show you those kind of apps later on next posts). The main feature of Gifx is adding artistic effects to your videos or photos.


  • Apply animated effects on imported photos or videos (with or without masks)
  • Save, convert GIFs to movies or movies to GIFs
  • Add music (that you have on your iPhone – be careful with copyright if you let the video on public) is also available

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Add animated gifs and music to your photos & videos like never before with Gifx. Download unlimited gifs from or import your own from your camera roll. Customize your gifs by changing opacity, size, and even masking out areas of the gif for another level of creativity. When finished you can save as a gif, movie, or even add another gif layer to your project.




Gifx video editor applied on a video of re,play404 blog


I imported my photo (A Piece of Sky drink coaster) first and apply an effect they provide. Then I put a rounded mask only on the coffee. I didn’t take GIFs from (like the rabbit above) for this clip but you can import them anytime.
The developer introduces GIF artists who are collaborating currently. So it’s also nice supporting artists (hopefully) by using this app.


Video editor to make normal clips fantastic

Although some effects need to be paid, the free ones are cool, well-made and fun to be applied. Here I have waving zebra coffee (looks like dark chocolate on caffe latte) on A Piece of Sky.
Hope you can make a “giant rabbit coming to the city” video or something!

Gifx app would let you enjoy more with your photos or videos while getting a fantastic short clip easily by a few touches, with a little help of artists.


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