Don’t you think green palette is nice for saying goodbye to summer? The artist who gave the colors for today is Raoul Dufy, a french post-impressionist. Enjoy the green in summer that we would miss a lot!


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Palette of Casino in Green

Cool Summer Green by Raoul Dufy



Although I already said goodbye to summer on the previous Orange Palette with the image of Gauguin, I really feel the change of season from this week. So I have another “goodbye to summer” picture with green and blue by french painter Raoul Dufy.


Image of the painting by Dufy on a blog post of re,play404 Korea

Casino of Nice by Raoul Dufy | image source: Wikiart


The trigger which leaded me to search paintings entitled “casino” was far from artistic. I watched a news report program on IPTV and it was about casinos – actually a dangerous casino business that makes people even suicide. But you know, this is a “palette” post so I wanted to forget the tragic report for a while and searched only pictures of casino – and the painting of Dufy caught my eyes. The casino looks romantic at the beach, full of blue and green despite of the reality in modern casinos.


Dufy’s cheerful oils and watercolors depict events of the time period, including yachting scenes, sparkling views of the French Riviera, chic parties, and musical events. The optimistic, fashionably decorative, and illustrative nature of much of his work has meant that his output has been less highly valued critically than the works of artists who have addressed a wider range of social concerns.



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Green palette on a blog post of re,play404 Korea


Green palette from the beach of Nice

  • CMYK: 69, 22, 100, 0 | 64, 11, 87, 0 | 44, 7, 67, 0 | 63, 24, 20, 0
  • Web: #579934, #66AB4B, #9DC470, #62A2BB
  • Mood: green from summer, cool and fresh


Now we have a palette of summer green. You can use the color combination when you want to feel green leaves and blue sea of summer. I’ve never been in Nice but the image and colors let me dream visiting the city of beach someday.
Since Dufy is pretty well know by “yachting scenes”, I’d love to introduce his another painting, [The Empavesado Yacht], which has much of pastel colors – a different pastel from Gogh‘s.
It’s October and the summer is officially gone, though we have longer summer these days in Korea.


[shortly Korean] 그린 팔레트 Green Palette – 컬러는 후기 인상주의 화가 라울 뒤피의 니스 해변 카지노 그림에서 뽑았습니다. 앞으로 그리워질 여름의 녹색을 떠올리게 하는 푸르른 분위기의 팔레트입니다.



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Image of the painting by Dufy on a blog post of re,play404 Korea

The Empavesado Yacht by Raoul Dufy | image source: Wikiart


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