Wondering how to 3D print something? I found some of my 3D Prints category visitors are interested in 3D printing but never tried before. So I’m trying to explain how to do it for them with my printing of a small photo stand from Thingiverse.


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404


Photo Stand

How to 3D print Something


It’s been quite a long time (2 months!) since I’ve written the previous article in 3D Prints. I think there would be changes in my work but I still have photo frames in mind for one of the next products. Since I found photo stands as well as photo frames on Thingiverse, I printed one and want to show you the usual steps of 3D printing with it.

Although Thingiverse is the most popular online place for 3D printable STL files, there’re other sites to share STLs. I’ll also introduce them maybe on my next 3D Prints articles.

Go to check photo stands on Thingiverse >>


3D print photo stand Thingiverse image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts


Step by step to 3D print a photo stand

I printed a photo stand by a printable file which I searched on Thingiverse (shared by sharedobjects). I took a photo after printing, on which the stand is displayed with my photograph from Seoul metro platform (far below). If you’re not very familiar to 3D prints and want to know how to 3D print something, here are the steps to guide you. You can also check my printing data after that.


1. Go to Thingiverse (or similar STL sharing sites) and search what you want to print.
2. Download STL (3D printable) files that users are sharing on the sites. Files are usually free but you have to be careful with Creative Commons license.

3. Open the STL via your “printing software” (you call it slicer, different from modeling application). You would have one if you have a 3D printer. If you don’t have a printer you can use public maker spaces. Often a printer has its own slicer so you can use the one which the maker space installed for their printers.


4. Check setting options (bed temperature, layers, speed, etc.) and print. If the file sharer is kind enough, he or she lets you know their settings with the file though it might not be the best for your printer. I used general settings for bed temperature, layer height and printing speed (that you can find recommendation for your print).
Below is my printing data – please leave a comment if you’re wondering specific data other than these.

  • Hardware: Cubicon Style
  • Software: Cubicreator 3.6.8
  • Estimate time: 00:23:20 (ABS/brim), Infill 10%
  • Filament cost: 3.79g (ABS/brim)


How to 3D print something example image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts


What you need to know about filament

Since this model doesn’t have anything to be complicated, I didn’t have any problem to print.
The only thing that I added was “brim” – you can see it on my photo, the stand on the right for which I didn’t remove the brim. It protects your print from shrinkage on the edges.
I’m also using “better than average”, not very cheap filament rolls that are made in Korea. But you’d better be careful with the “expiration date” of the filaments.


Filament rolls (most of them are 1 kg), plastic materials made for 3D printers often don’t show the exact expiration date and it’s okay if you have it for a long time (more than 1 year) with vacuum sealed. But if you already open it, you’d better use as short period as possible. Filaments could be weak in moisture and make trouble while being printed.

3D printers like mine (FFF or FDM) build layers of filament to “print” something. For this process you can refer to the video which I added to introduce a coffee filament that I’m using.

Did this article help you, even a little? I think YouTube videos would be better for some of you to understand how to 3D print something so you can search them as well.
If you happen to want me to recommend a public maker space in or around Seoul, South Korea, leave a comment then I’ll help you.


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404


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How to 3D print something example image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts


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