You can make stories only by Instagram, without any other Instagram story creator. But if you think it’s a bit inconvenient, you can try StoryBoost instead. StoryBoost provides 9:16 templates (ready to use) with editable text. It’s useful when you have still images and want to insert transitions between them and make a “catalog in motion” or something like that.


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Instagram Story Maker with Transition


Have you tried Instagram video ad by VideoBoost app which I posted previously? If you’re a fan of Instagram you may also like stories. Since story is very instantly made on Instagram, some of you want to make story in advance (maybe by other apps) and upload it later on Instagram. So here’s StoryBoost, an Instagram story creator with ready to use templates. Let’s check the main features of StoryBoost.


  • Instagram story maker with 9:16 designed templates (free ones are limited)
  • Import your photos on the template and export video of template pages and transitions 
  • Edit text, change template colors, add stickers if you want

Go for StoryBoost app >>


StoryBoost, an Instagram story creator applied on photos of re,play404 Gifts

Editable text for Instagram story

To make an Instagram story by StoryBoost, I chose a vintage film template first. You can add or remove pages by tapping big plus button (screenshot above left, it shows again when you tap black arrow button if you can’t find it).

You can add photos by tapping small plus buttons (screenshot above right) on the places for images. Adjust photos and edit text as you like. I removed text boxes that I don’t want. Then choose transitions by tapping the button looks like a ribbon in between pages (screenshots below). Transitions are ready to use – you only need to choose what you want (simple, geometric, liquid, etc.).

I think free version is limited to export full video – the final videos are separated. It means the result is 2 video clips (page 1-2 with transition and page 2-3 with transition) when you export 3 page-template like what I did.


StoryBoost, an Instagram


Instagram story creator by templates

Here’s my final short video by StoryBoost (Also check re,play404 Instagram if you want to see a different transition). As I said I have 2 separated clips from 3 pages. I made a collage with these 2 videos by Photogrid as usual.
I think I’d better combine two videos, maybe by Vue Vlog or another app with a similar feature. The video clips look a bit too short so you can make them longer by Vue Vlog as well.


As the developer says we can call StoryBoost an Instagram story creator. Since all the templates are already adjusted for 9:16 screen ratio, you don’t need to worry about cropping your photos.
All you need to do is selecting images that look good on the template. Although it’s limited to export full video, you still can use designed free templates and combine separated clips by other apps.



I don’t think StoryBoost is the best to make Instagram stories if you want to use only one app. But it’s okay for a short Instagram story creator with text and transition. You can also try other apps if you want “longer” story with more pages to export at once.

So I’ll introduce other Instagram story maker on my next article in Photo Apps. Please drop by from time to time and leave a comment if you want me to write how-to posts for specific apps.


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StoryBoost, an Instagram story creator applied on photos of re,play404 Gifts


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