Canon IVY Cliq+ is an instant pocket printer, a product combining camera and printer. If “snap and print” (by one device) is what you want, it would be a good choice. Pocket photo printers are kind of similar. This one from Canon has a camera feature which makes difference.


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404


Canon IVY Cliq+

Instant Pocket Photo Printer


I haven’t bought a photo printer yet – maybe I just enjoy searching this and that and writing articles in Gift Ideas. I thought the fourth option, KiiPix, looked pretty interesting to try but heard from somebody, that the quality by the type of printers were disappointing.


So I’m back to the normal way of printing with today’s photo printer. Canon IVY Cliq+ is a combined product for you to snap and print by one device. It actually looks more like a camera than a printer.

We take most of our photos by mobile phones these days. But sometimes we want another camera for better or different photographs. So I’d love to try if an instant pocket printer has a feature of taking photos.



  • 2-in-1 hybrid device of instant camera (with selfie mirror) and printer
  • Uses Zink (no ink cartridges) photo paper (2″ x 2″ & 2″ x 3″)
  • Provides Canon Mini Print app to add filters & effects
  • Price: $89.99

Go for Canon IVY Cliq+ camera printer >>


Instant pocket printer plus camera

We can call this product an instant pocket camera as well. I think it’s good to have Canon IVY Cliq+ when we gather together. Taking photos by one device and share them instantly.
Although this video doesn’t make us sure for the printing quality, you can tell how simple it is. 




It looks the lightest among five photo printers that I’ve searched and wrote about, though I couldn’t find how heavy it was exactly. The paper compartment could be a bit small. Therefore, you need to fill it quite often when you hang out with friends (especially who love selfies).


Since I have many Instagram “1:1 ratio” photos, I like this device can print 2″ x 2″ photographs. But I’m not sure if a hybrid product is the best choice for me.

I think I have a problem to decide what to buy – there’re too many instant photo printers.
Since it doesn’t bother me and I like googling to find new ones, I’ll be back with another Gift Ideas of printers or something else for me and you.


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404


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all image & video source: Canon U.S.A. Inc.


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