If you like “easy to use” smartphone picture printer, you can think about KiiPix photo printer. It’s similar to Polaroid Lab (which I introduced before) by the projection type and available to get retro-stylized instant photos.


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KiiPix Photo Printer

Instant Projection Printer


Yes, I noticed it was early April when I wrote the previous article in Gift Ideas. Since the third option for buying a photo printer was quite interesting due to the way of projection, I wanted to search if there were similar type of printers. They print “projected” smartphone screens instead of image files.

So here I have Kiipix photo printer by Tomy. Maybe one of the best things is that Kiipix is much cheaper compared to Polaroid Lab. I think many of you hesitate to buy this type of printer because we never tried. Under $30 is okay to buy one and try if the printing quality would satisfy us.


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  • Photo printer to turn digital photographs into instant pictures like Polaroid
  • Easy to use only by placing smartphone screen on top of the printer and start
  • Has a mirror to check the alignment of your image
  • Price: $29.99, requires Fuji Instax mini film (not included)

Go for Kiipix picture printer >>


Intuitive photo printer for retro-style

I think KiiPix photo printer is the easiest and simplest (without a mobile app) among four smartphone printers that I wrote articles about. I personally use many Photo Apps and love to try new ones. But sometimes “print and nothing else” would be what you want. 




So if you just want to print your smartphone photos quickly in a simple way, KiiPix could be the printer for you.
This printer is also quite portable with its fold-ability compared to Polaroid Lab. I think I can bring it in my bag (still wondering how heavy it is). KiiPix photo printer doesn’t need batteries that usually make the product heavier.

Although I’m not sure if the retro-style of this printer would be nice with every photograph, I’d love to print with it (need to check the reviews though).
I like it looks like a simple converter from digital to analog, in physically intuitive way. It’s not the type of photo printer that I considered buying at first but the most curious one to try for now.


Book Shadows photo bookmark - on creative gifts gallery of re,play404

“Book Shadows” re,play404


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all image & video source: Tomy


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