If you like eggs you can try today’s little 3D printable – a rocket egg cup. You can imagine “upside down” would be the best way to print this model and that’s what I tried. Of course you can put your favorite Legos or something in this rocket, other than eggs.


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Rocket Egg Cup

A 3D printing a Day with Red ABS



I don’t have any book of print for this time. Egg just came to my mind for what to print from Thingiverse. Actually I printed this model previously, months ago but wanted to print it again and post in Color Blog to be archived.
I do love the shape of egg so it’s a pleasure for me to see the search result of egg with many slightly different eggs and related accessories. I’d like to print the cute “Easter egg holder bunnies” as well but today’s choice is my long-time favorite “rocket egg cup” by “joo”(Thingiverse user).

Go to check eggs on Thingiverse >>


3D printable egg Thingiverse image on a blog post of re,play404 Korea


3D printable egg cup with or without eggs

  • Hardware: Cubicon Style
  • Software: Cubicreator 3.6.8
  • Estimated time: 00:47 (ABS), 00:51 (PLA), no raft or brim
  • Filament cost: 6.52g (ABS), 7.84g (PLA) 


As you can imagine “upside down” is the best to print this kind of model stably. I used bright red ABS and aqua blue PLA for two of these prints. I love half-transparent filaments and hope there would be more PLAs like that.


3D printable egg cup Thingiverse image on a blog post of re,play404 Korea


Maybe some of you would use this for an egg cup on your dinning tables. I think I wouldn’t but rocket always makes us play like children, doesn’t it?
So it’s very natural to put little toys in this egg rocket and save the photos. I took photos (far below) with my Hattifatteners of Moomin, a gift from travel in Germany. You can have the rocket with your favorite little things!

I also have it with a 3D printable apple which I posted last month in 3D Prints. Although the rocket egg cup goes very well with the things other than egg, I think I’ll also write a new post including eggs (maybe in various colors) sometime next.


[shortly Korean] 3D 프린트 달걀 로켓 3D Printable Egg Cup – 달걀 대신 전에 프린트한 사과와 장난감을 태웠습니다. 로켓이라 갖고 놀기도 좋고 달걀을 자주 드신다면 테이블 위에 에그 컵으로 두고 사용하실 수 있죠.



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3D printable egg cup Thingiverse image on a blog post of re,play404 Korea


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