Are you looking for a pocket photo printer for iPhone? Today I’ll introduce one, Lifeprint – you may know if you’ve searched. The key feature of this product is Hyperphoto which makes your photos come to life by embedding a video into printed photo. The printer comes with mobile app and Zink paper as we expect nowadays.


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404



Mini Photo Printer with Hyperphoto


Do you print your iPhone photos often? I don’t but would like to buy a pocket photo printer and print photos in my studio sometimes. So I’m searching for a right product for myself and want to share the result. Here I have my first search, Lifeprint, which is known as good for 3×4.5 format and iPhone – that’s what I want.
I’ll search 2-3 more products, share them in my blog and decide what to buy finally. Let’s take a look at the main features and prices of this mini photo printer for iPhone.



  • 2×3 & 3×4.5 wireless Hyperphoto printer for Apple & Android
  • Hyperphoto (with augmented reality technology) to make your photos come to life by embedding a video into printed photo
  • Uses Zink paper that pulls the color straight from the film (which means no ink cartridges)
  • Grabs all your photos & videos (from camera roll, Instagram, GoPro, etc.) in one place by Lifeprint app to be shared and printed easily
  • Provides photo editing suite via app
  • Price: $99.99 (2×3), $149.99 (3×4.5), $29.95 (20 pack paper, varies by size and quantity)

Go for Lifeprint photo printer >>

Mini photo printer for iPhone

As you can imagine this printer is actually portable (a bit less or more than 300g, check specs).
You can also check device compatibility with your smart phones. It uses sticky paper which looks convenient. Of course you can leave the back sheet as it is, if you don’t want your photo sticky.
The printing quality might feel different with my own photos but the user reviews usually show their satisfaction. So I don’t think it lets me down so much (hopefully).



More fun with iPhone live photos

Maybe what makes this pocket photo printer for iPhone “different” is Hyperphoto, inserting video on printed photo or a “magical” AR. As seen on the YouTube video above (0:52), you can make your photo come to life (move as you recorded) by Hyperphoto viewer.
Honestly I even thought hologram or something would pop up from printed photo, when I saw the word “Hyperphoto” at first. It’s 2020 so we can expect that much with technology!

If you think Hyperphoto is something extra (not essential) and under-magical, the price seems a bit more expensive than similar products. It’s not “capturing video” on printed photo like I imagined. Therefore I’ll search other mini photo printers that are highly recommended by users as well. 

But If you’re an iPhone user who wants to share your live photos with an Android user (or older people like parents), Lifeprint would make you have more fun in its own “printed” way, though it’s not exactly like Harry Potter.


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404


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all image & video source: LifePrint


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