Do you love the nostalgic sound of music box? Here’s a modern music box of the age of smart phones. You can enjoy the sound via mobile app and cloud library.


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Muro Box

Smart Music Box in your Mobile Life



Since I already posted Musical Box Museum, you can guess I’m fond of music boxes. So today I’d love to introduce a new type of music box for our modern lives in 21st century. I think I can describe Muro Box shortly like this.


  • 21st century music box which can play more than one song with mobile app and cloud music library
  • Store your songs on music library and play them via app
  • Also upload your compositions and share, plus app controlled alarm

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Modern music box with app & cloud

The sound of music box always brings childhood memories back. I still have my small, more than 15 years old [For Elise] music box (a gift for me from Austria) though it’s not my everyday companion any more.



But what do you say if a music box can be “smart” to be your companion again, with the world’s first computer-programmable cylinder?
Thanks to one last music box factory in Taiwan, we can enjoy the analog souvenir digitally in our mobile lives. Hope you watch the video with sound – Muro Box plays at 1:24!


[shortly Korean] 스마트폰 시대의 뮤직 박스 Muro Box – 대만의 마지막 뮤직 박스 공장 제품으로, 앱으로 컨트롤하고 클라우드에 음악을 저장합니다. 어린 시절 추억같은 사운드를 모던한 방법으로 즐길 수 있죠.



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all image source: Muro Box


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