Here’s another virtual museum Google for Arts & Culture. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston is perfect to be explored by virtual reality. Since the museum has a pretty big interior courtyard garden, you can experience as much about flowers and plants as well as art collections even in this virtual way of travelling at home.


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Museum with Landscape

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


It seems it’s not a coincidence that the founder of the museum is Isabella Stewart “Gardner”.
That’s what I thought when I explored the virtual museum. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is literally an artistic garden both inside and outside.

Maybe one of the best things that a super rich person can leave for the next generation is a museum. Isabella Stewart Gardner, a millionaire Bohemian (as an old Boston reporter said) and arts patron did it beautifully by this museum.


Isabella Gardner Museum on virtual museum Google, image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts


I think architecture and garden make museums more than perfect with its collections. We can enjoy collections more when the space is also enjoyable.
I really want to be in the classical red exhibition room feeling both the pictures and trees in the garden through the window!


Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum would be a nice place for antique enthusiasts as well.
I prefer modern furniture for actual use but the furniture in this museum built up the mood with their classical colors and textures. You can see the tables and chairs for hours without knowing how time passes.

Go to virtual Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum >>


I almost forgot to mention the collection of this museum shortly. This museum has one of the finest private art collections in America. It covers many centuries and categories as they introduce on their website like below.

Isabella Stewart Gardner collected and carefully displayed a collection comprised of more than 7500 paintings, sculptures, furniture, textiles, silver, ceramics, 1500 rare books, and 7000 archival objects-from ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Italy, Asia, the Islamic world and 19th-century France and America.




Isabella Gardner Museum on virtual museum Google, image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts


Experience by virtual museum Google

I feel sorry that the virtual tour is limited but it’s enough at the same time, to make us hope to visit the actual place. Although we don’t know when we can make the wish come true, Google and YouTube will be our tour mates of stay-at-home until then.

Imagine if we’re at the museum – we walk through the antique furniture while looking outside full of flowers and plants. 


I think I found one reason to visit Boston some day. And there must be other Google museums and galleries worth to explore in and around the city. I’d love to search them for my Boston wish list which might help you fill your list as well. 

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 25 Evans Way Boston, MA 02115, USA


Squirrel plant marker - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Secret Garden” re,play404


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all image source: Google Arts & Culture


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