If you think paper plate is a bit wasteful (needless to say plastics), how about organic disposable plates? Bio-Lutions, which could be a natural solution for disposables, is made of plant residues. It’s compostable and versatile in design as well.


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Disposable Tableware from Nature


Maybe you’ve asked “What can I use instead of a paper plate?”, if you’re interested in Eco Material. Here I have a paper plate alternative for today’s post – Bio-Lutions. It’s a solution as well as an eco-friendly product (that’s why they call it Bio-Lutions). Let me describe it briefly like this.


  • Organic disposable plates or natural solution for disposables
  • Made of agricultural residues
  • Burnable near CO2 neutral, biodegradable & compostable
  • Versatile in shape and design
  • Optional finishes (foil or lamination) are available

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No chemical, organic disposable plates

According to their own introduction, they convert the raw materials (agricultural residues) into natural fibers through a mechanical process which avoids the excessive use of chemicals.
We usually think paper and bio plastic are (relatively) eco-friendly – it’s right in a way. But in the other way, the production needs energy-intense process with something chemical.

Therefore, Bio-Lutions has a point to be a “good” paper plate alternative. Paper products has come up as alternatives to plastic disposables. But actually cellulose based paper needs to be processed with much use of chemicals and water. It’s pretty wasteful to put the resources into making disposable things, isn’t it?



It’s impressive that the company is making a decentralized production network with local factories, for localized raw material collections to simplify logistics.
I think the versatility makes Bio-Lutions more valuable as well. Bio-Lutions can be formed and even colored for various table wares or packages.

Many organic packaging products raise awareness on the issue of plastic waste. But they have to be more affordable to be sustainable. I hope Bio-Lutions can eliminate non-sustainable disposables as they want – in no plastic, no paper, and no chemical additives way of production.


Do you stay and work at home these days? I do and blogging is one way to spend time with my own research (though it’s not a big thing). If you’re interested in Eco Material or whatever else, just start to search something you want to know about, write a short article, and let me know.


CoffeePet cup sleeve - on creative gifts gallery of re,play404

“CoffeePet 2.0” re,play404


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all image & video source: Bio-Lutions International AG


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