Here I’ve made a pale blue color palette before the summer has gone. A boat in a room catches our eyes with the cool, sky blue water like a carpet. The three different blues and a light beige from Chirico‘s image make today’s pastel aqua color scheme together.


A Piece of Sky cup coaster - on creative gifts gallery of re,play404

“A Piece of Sky” re,play404


Pale Blue Colors

Light Blue Color Scheme


Once I made a palette by the colors of Chirico‘s street on one of my early Color Palette articles. Today’s image is generally brighter than the picture of street, with the water like a soft carpet.

Although Chirico is one of my favorite artists for a long time, I’ve never seen this painting before. Since well-known Chirico is usually consisted of buildings, the “interior” looked quite unfamiliar. But I liked [The Return of Ulysses] at first sight.

The interior is modern, not from the time of Ulysses. Ulysses on his boat looks like imprisoned in the small world of water. But it seems he doesn’t care.


The Return of Ulysses by Giorgio de Chirico | image source: Wikiart


He enjoys sailing though his world is limited today. The door is still open so it may let him sail out there perhaps tomorrow. Or he’ll meet somebody who’ll get in through the door.


You know there’re so many “blues”. Sometimes you prefer deep, dark blue but it’s a bit heavy in summer. This pale blue color scheme from Chirico make you feel lighter, like floating on the water. So you can feel as Ulysses on the water carpet even for a while.

Although this painting has large part of brown and yellow, I didn’t include those colors for today’s palette. I wanted to make it only by blue colors to focus on the water.


Pale blue color palette of pastel aqua

  • CMYK: 5, 10, 18, 0 | 52, 5, 31, 0 | 54, 15, 12, 0 | 69, 13, 27, 0 
  • Web: #f3e8d6, #80c2b9, #7bb6d2, #43aab8
  • Mood: cool and pastel-light, feeling like “aqua”



Chirico is famous for his images of “surrealistic” Roman arcades. They’re strangely beautiful with the colors of shadows. I hope you have a minute to check what his works’re like on Wikiart.

Go for more works by Chirico >>

It’s September and already the end of summer. I feel the weather is cooler than it was a month ago. Are you ready to meet the autumn breeze? Or you can recollect memories of summer in 2020 with this pale blue color palette.

Before finishing today’s article, let’s take a look at Chirico‘s another work titled [Happiness of Returning]. It has greenish-blue colors that looks mysterious with the dark buildings.
Happiness doesn’t always need to be expressed by bright colors. Hope you enjoy it until I’m back with a new Color Palette.


A Piece of Sky cup coaster - on creative gifts gallery of re,play404

“A Piece of Sky” re,play404


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Happiness of Returning by Giorgio de Chirico | image source: Wikiart


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