PhotoGrid, a free photo grid app, has other useful features as well as good for photo collage. Since it’s easy to crop by ratio, add blur or text, I recommend this app for you who prefer a combined photo editor.


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Combined Photo Editor with Many Features



PhotoGrid app has various features and some of them are easier to use than in other apps. The main feature is “Grid” which is for making photo collage with more than two pictures. Other features that I’d like to recommend you to try are changing image ratio, out-focus, and text (line limited), etc.


  • Simply make a collage on iPhone & Android
  • Change image ratio, blur, out-focus, mosaic, filters & effects, add text, emoji, sticker, etc.
  • Basic features included: brightness, contrast, saturation, rotate, crop, etc.
  • FX to add effects of sketch, rainbow, pencil, etc.
  • Video Grid and merge music are also available

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Free photo grid app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog


Useful features as well as free photo grid

Like I did with my photos, you can make photo collage easily by adjusting the grids (“swipe” photos). I used sky photos and CoffeePet coffee cup sleeve  photos – different pictures in same category is usually good for collage.
You only need one touch to change the image ratio (below right). This free photo grid app also has filters though I think they’re not better than Instagram filters. Here I made my photo RoseGold filtered and out-focused with text bubble and snowman sticker (below left).


Free photo grid app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog


Another good feature is music – it would be visible when you import videos. You can choose short (15 seconds) music clip, have it on your video and save. Therefore this is not only a photo collage app but also a combined photo and video editor with the features from basic to advanced.
This app has more features that are need to be introduced (especially with videos) so I’ll be back with PhotoGrid again.
I also added “FX” applied photos at the end of this post. The effects gave new touches to my LA photos!


[shortly Korean] 사진 콜라주 앱 PhotoGrid – 콜라주 뿐만 아니라 비율 조정, 아웃포커스, 텍스트 추가 등 다양한 기능이 있는 종합 사진 편집 앱입니다. 음악 추가 등 비디오 기능도 많으니 다음에 또 포스팅하기로 하죠.



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Free photo grid app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog

original & FX effected “Sketch”


Free photo grid app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog

FX effected “Pencil” & “Rainbow”


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