Today’s photo editor for Photo Apps series will save your photos from cloudy days. Picnic is simple and useful, focusing on sky from gray to blue (like a happy picnic day) by one touch.


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Picnic Weather Genie

Photo Editor to get a Clear Sky



Now you know I really love simple apps – I have another one for you who are big fans of “sky” photos!

  • Select gray-skyed photo. Filter and save. Share if you’d like.
  • Filters: Picnic, Ariel, Sunday, Alice, Macaron, Cream, etc. (named kind of intuitively)


Here I have the developer’s introduction which explains very well what this app is for. You can check happy user reviews with 5 stars.
I’m also pleased that they support six languages including Korean (other five are: English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese), though we don’t need translation or something to understand how it works.

We’ve got your back – whether it’s raining or cloudy, nothing will get in your way of taking a brilliant shot ever again. No matter where you are, PICNIC can take you to a glorious morning in Santorini or to a dreamy sunset in Paris.

So don’t let the dreadful weather ruin your travel and outdoor photos. PICNIC will turn a dull and muddy day into a beautiful day out.


Go for Picnic Weather Genie >>


Picnic photo app sample images on re,play404 blog


Genie photo editor to get a bluer sky

You already saw the samples above, presented by the developer but I’m sure you’d better check the actual user’s photo. So I also uploaded mine taken from Finland and Denmark.
Although I love the natural cloudy sky as well, you know we definitely want blue sky sometimes – maybe to let our minds brighter.


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Picnic photo app applied on a photo (taken from Finland) of re,play404 blog

original & filtered “Here”


Picnic photo app applied on a photo (taken from Denmark) of re,play404 blog

original & filtered “Wash”


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