Maybe you’ve heard about Polaroid printer for iPhone and this is it – Polaroid Lab Instant Printer. You can print Polaroid photos from your mobile phone, without Polaroid cameras. This product also provides AR (embedded video viewer) like other trending photo printers.


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“Book Shadows” re,play404


Polaroid Lab

Polaroid Printer for iPhone


It’s been more than a month since I’ve searched the second option for an iPhone photo printer. I postponed buying one (maybe 1-2 months later, when it’s okay looking around at the camera shop with no virus worries) but still want to find another option. So I have Polaroid Lab Instant Printer for today’s post – the main features are like below.


  • Instant photo printer for iOS & Android
  • Turns your digital photographs into Polaroid pictures using real film chemistry
  • Comes with Polaroid Originals app to create photo collages & AR 
  • Price: $129.99 (printer), $15.99 (iType film, 8 instant photographs)

Go for Polaroid Lab Instant Printer >>


Polaroid iPhone photo printer for iPhone image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts


iPhone photo printer with Polaroid film

It’s similar to previous two printers in a way – all of them are relatively small (smaller than desktop printers) and specialized for mobile phone photos. But Polaroid Lap looks bigger than others because of lenses. It “projects” mobile screen images onto Polaroid film by lenses.

So you can tell it’s a different type of printer or a combination of scanner and Polaroid camera. Although I need to check at least YouTube videos (other than the one below which is from Polaroid) for the quality of projection, it could be a good choice for the people who love Polaroid, its look and feel with the specific format.

Many people love Polaroid photos. But they think they don’t need to buy a Polaroid camera while having a nice mobile phone camera and hundreds of never-be-printed photos.




Polaroid says this printer has an analog process made for a digital age. Polaroid Lab Instant Printer also works with the “vintage” 600 film. So I hope the analog process works “well” with digital photos – Polaroid printer for iPhone sounds nice!

I think I should’ve bought a photo printer before the virus situation got serious – then I could play with my new printer. But I enjoy editing photos and videos instead and writing blog posts with them as well. I’ll be back with the next post in Photo Apps soon, maybe before or after checking if this product could be my Polaroid convertible iPhone photo printer.


Book Shadows photo bookmark - on creative gifts gallery of re,play404

“Book Shadows” re,play404


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