If you want a portable photo printer for iPhone, Kodak Smile can be considered. It’s an instant digital printer with a full editing suite. You can print from camera roll or social media via app. The printer comes with Kodak Zink photo paper as we expect nowadays.


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404


Kodak Smile

Pocket Photo Printer


As I wrote on the previous article, I’m thinking of buying a portable photo printer for iPhone and sharing my search result like I did with Lifeprint. Today I’d love to share another one which you might know: Kodak Smile.

Although I used film camera only for a short period, Kodak sounds (kind of) nostalgic to me. I think many people are happy to hear that Kodak is making new products of 21st century, though they still miss the feelings that film cameras gave.
Kodak also has Smile instant cameras which could be better than a printer for some people. Anyway here I summarized the main features and prices of this pocket printer for iPhone and Android.

  • 2×3 Bluetooth photo printer for iOS & Android
  • Uses Zink (no ink cartridges) photo paper with a sticky back
  • Provides photo editing suite via app
  • Adds border, stickers, filters & AR effects to still photos
  • Price: $99.99 (printer), $9.99 (20 pack paper)

Go for Kodak Smile photo printer >>


Pocket printer for iPhone & Android

Specs and features are similar to Lifeprint. The Youtube video below describes what is the “AR effects” like – I think it’s the same as Hyperphoto by Lifeprint. It makes your printed photo (actually a still image from video) “move” by the app viewer. This video also shows what can you do with the app, such as adding frames or cute stickers.



Although AR effects or Hyperphoto look pretty fun, it’s not the most important factor for me to choose my portable photo printer for iPhone. I think user reviews will help me to judge the printing quality though they may vary.

Since I usually don’t put much time into blogging in a day, I save “checking user reviews” for the next time. Actually I already saw a user left a comment on the video, saying he or she didn’t like it because the colors were dark (hope it’s not majority).
Kodak Smile seems portable, easy to print and share. Maybe that’s just enough to enjoy photos with an instant digital printer, if the printing quality is not far below average with ink cartridges.


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404


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all image & video source: Kodak


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