Long time no post in 3D Prints! Here I’m back with printable photo frames. The model is composed of two parts, front and back so I tried printing with two different colors. This makes the photo frame look better even if it doesn’t have any photograph.


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404


Mini Picture Frame

3D Printable Photo Frames


I have a photo frame in mind for my next product. Since my 3D printer works by building layers of filaments (plastic material for printers), “flat” models are usually better for time-saving.
Although small manufacturing by 3D print takes a bit too much time to be productive, flatter models are relatively competitive. And I always have been interested in photography – that’s why I’m thinking of designing a mini picture frame.

So I researched 3D printable photo frames on Thingiverse for reference and found a mini photo frame which is very good to apply colors. Special thanks to Thingiverse user “Madyn3D-CNC_LLC” for sharing the printable files.

Go to check picture frames on Thingiverse >>



3D printable photo frames: printing data

  • Hardware: Cubicon Style
  • Software: Cubicreator 3.6.8
  • Estimated time: 00:49 (front / ABS), 0.33 (back / PLA), Infill 10%
  • Filament cost: 8.66g (front / ABS), 8.85g (back / PLA)


There’re quite many 3D printable photo frames so you can find one to try. Or you can ask me to print for you, if you’re not very far away from South Korea.
The overall printing was not so complicated but you’d better print front and back separately to protect shrinkage of the edges. I used ABS for the fronts and PLA for the backs. I think a little bit of “sandpaper” would be better for ABS. You can also make the infill higher or use glue stick for best results (refer to the file sharer’s notes). 



I prefer gray and light blue color combination. The photo is filtered by Photogrid which made the colors closer to the original.
I didn’t have enough time to make small printed photos for these frames. Since I don’t need a keychain for my door with a password key, I’d like to use this mini picture frame as a bag tag – with a photo of blue sky would be nice.
Designing and manufacturing my printable photo frames is another thing. But this experience was not only enjoyable but also helpful to imagine my own models, maybe also composed of front and back.
Hope you also try your mini picture frame with favorite colors and share the experience!


Mini Memories Instax mini frame - 3D print file download by re,play404

“Mini Memories” re,play404

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