Maybe purple color scheme is one of the best way to visualize mystery. And Odilon Redon is an artist of symbolic mystery (at least that’s what I think). So “purple meets Redon” (or Redon meets purple) makes the simple boat something like unrealistic mystery.


A Piece of Sky cup coaster - on creative gifts gallery of re,play404

“A Piece of Sky” re,play404


Mysterious Purple

Purple & Yellow Color Scheme


I love Redon because the artist presents mystery (though I’m not sure if the word “present” is okay on this sentence). I think I’ve never seen this picture before though Redon is one of my most favorite painters.

I already made a palette by the colors of Redon‘s another boat on one of my early blog articles. Though it’s not a typical summer boat on the beach, I chose this image for today’s palette maybe by the purple and yellow that complete the mystery together.

The picture is quite simple. No people, no animal, and even no water! The “no water” thing makes this boat mysterious. Why the boat is on the grass? Is it broken? But the scene looks kind of optimistic (especially with the bright yellow sail), so I don’t think it’s broken or something.


The Mysterious Boat by Odilon Redon | image source: Wikiart


Doesn’t this boat look like it wants to be on the grass rather than the water? It might be weird as a boat but you know, at least some boats could be different from others. And we can’t understand completely all those mysteries of life. So let the boat be on the grass.
Like the previous palette, I have today’s one combining the scheme with the original painting. I think yellow always goes well with purple.

Although purple and yellow look quite bright on the image, this purple color scheme has a little bit of darkness which makes it attractive. The bluish purple could be too much if you have it on the wall of your room. But it would be lovely if you have it for an accent, like a purple sofa.

The palette itself is (sort of) heavy as purple (maybe it’s just because of the area I selected). And this heaviness reinforces the mystery with the “close to black” color.


Purple color scheme of mystery 

  • CMYK: 82, 89, 87, 76 | 89, 95, 41, 7 | 76, 59, 75, 22 | 26, 46, 80, 0 | 60, 82, 96, 48
  • Web: #160405, #3A2E62, #455645, #C69443, #512916
  • Mood: deep and mysterious, having a little darkness


Mysterious purple palette on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts


Actually my previous palette from Redon was for the first article in Color Palette. I’d like to introduce Redon‘s mono-toned image as well, like I did at first.
Redon left many mysteriously beautiful “eyes in the air” pictures. Although this is not only eyes but an egg having eyes, I want you to take a look at [The Egg] by Odilon Redon and feel the mystery of life with these eyes (sorry for my limited English).

Go for more works by Redon >>

Maybe today’s purple color scheme is not the colors for summer. “Blue for summer” sounds a bit too typical but I think I’ll choose blue colors for the next Color Blog article. Hope you have a cool summer and take a breath with a breeze of art, though the virus is still around us. 


A Piece of Sky cup coaster - on creative gifts gallery of re,play404

“A Piece of Sky” re,play404


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