Brushing with your finger and go creative! Repix is a photo editor with blur brush and other functional tools. This app provides un-doer brush which is very useful and makes people enjoy finger-brushing more.


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Be Creative with Finger Brushing on Photos



Have you ever seen a photo editing app with finger brush? Here we have Repix – you can imagine it’s especially good to play with children.
Since brush stroke is the key of this app, I think the most practical tool is “Undoer”. It lets you undo your previous brush strokes so don’t worry to restart from the first.


  • Finger-brushing photo editor (iOS and Android) by Sumoing
  • More than a photo editor with creative tools as well as functional tools
  • Functional tools: brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature, frame and crop (ratio 1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 2:1)
  • Creative tools: filters – 7AM, 1974, Denim, Smoky, B&W, Mellow, etc. (partly chargeable)
    brushes – Rain drips, Light, Silk, Dotter, Legacy, Blurer, Undoer, Eraser, etc. (partly chargeable)

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Repix blur brush app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog

original & “Rain drips” brushed


Repix blur brush app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog

Useful photo editor with blur brush

You can check how I turned my photos by the brushes like Rain drips, Silk, and Charcoal. If you can take time for brush strokes (do & undo again, actually quite playful) the result would be much better than mine.



Photo editor with blur brush is kind of fresh and fun to use. It can make you more active with your photos.
The developer says Repix turns ordinary photos into masterpieces. If you ask me, masterpiece is a bit exaggeration but it helps turning your ordinary photos into more “inspiring” ones.


[shortly Korean] 브러시 포토 앱 Repix – 손가락 브러시로 사진 분위기를 바꿔줍니다. 약간 그림같은 블러 효과가 꽃 사진 등에 잘 어울리죠. 잘못 나간 손가락에 ‘언두’도 가능하고, 크롭 등 다른 유용한 기능도 제공합니다.



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original & “Silk” brushed


original & “Charcoal” brushed with Undoer


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