How about discovering original cartoon artworks in London? The Cartoon Museum showcases British cartoons, comics, caricatures and animation. It has a collection of more than 6,000 artworks and 8,000 books and comics from the 1800s to the present day.


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Cartoon Art Museum

Discover Cartoons & Human Stories


I feel sorry that I haven’t posted in City Museum since February. Honestly I was going to stop the category because I thought it’s limited to write good articles unless it’s “after visiting” the places, when it comes to museum.

But museum itself is my favorite topic, so I decided to keep writing in City Museum while looking for better way to introduce museums that I’d love to visit someday. Maybe I’ll make a new category for “untact cultural entertainment” including online exhibitions. Anyway today’s unique museum is The Cartoon Museum in London, UK.


As we expect it’s closed temporarily due to the coronavirus. But they share some of their collections through the museum website during the closure. The Cartoon Museum provides workshops (that will be available with reopening) for schools, colleges and youth groups as well.

I like this cute puppet animation from children’s workshop at the museum – a perfect in-house playing with children. You can also download free resources, templates to draw cartoons easily. 

Go to The Cartoon Museum >>



Cartoon museum to explore stories

I think you don’t get bored in cartoon or comic museum, if you happen to like or at least “once liked” cartoons when you were younger. This museum lets us know interesting human stories related to cartoons. One of them is Dear Mr. Poole online exhibition which they present these days.

Mr. Philip Poole was a man who sold pen nibs to cartoonists and comic artists for more than 50 years until he passed away aged 89.
He also owned the largest collection of pen nibs in the world. Many of his clients gave him a piece of their work – that’s how this exhibition is composed of.


You can explore Poole’s pen shop through the museum website. Although the online exhibition doesn’t support VR experience or something, you can feel the atmosphere around “the pen-man of London” by the photographs of his shop and old pen nibs. He looks like a magical mysterious doctor from comic books with his white hair and gown.


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It would be nice if you have a chance to see the classical cartoon artworks in person. Thanks to the modern technology we can have virtual experiences more than ever but feeling the real touch of pen must be different.

Since it’s not the end of coronavirus, we just postpone the chances for now (museums can wait!) and search all alternatives to fill the time when we want cultural entertainment. I’m also wondering what your alternatives are like.

The Cartoon Museum, 63 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, London W1A 3AE, UK


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“Book Shadows” re,play404


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The Cartoon Museum image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts

all image & video source: The Cartoon Museum


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