Do you want to make your still images move? Here’s a motion photo app to do it easily. With various “moving” stickers, labels & templates, you can give motion to your photos and make them alive. VLLO would be a good choice for Instagram stories as well. 


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Motion Photo App with Stickers & Labels



The name of this app must be video plus blog, for vloggers. All you have to do for your photo in motion is select what you want, adjust size & color, and type something if needed. This app has useful features for videos as well, like merge music and recorded voice with videos.

Since “how to use” for this motion photo app is really simple, I’ll go straight to my photos that are supposed to be in motion. You can even skip it and go straight to VLLO and your photos.

Go for VLLO photo app >>


Vllo motion photo app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog

Vllo motion photo app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog


Motion photo app with moving stickers

I have blue butterfly on my “leged clock” collage (not by apps but by “hands” for this) and hanging sign with a balloon on my coastal sky photo. Although the screenshot is in Korean, you can tell there’re “topics” of stickers like SNS, animal, baby, etc.
I saved the results as movies so you can see the motion. If you’re also wondering how I made the video collage below, the answer is PhotoGrid which I posted previously.



You can choose the screen ratio and background color when you import photos or videos from the first (see the last screenshots). Thanks to VLLO, I’ll post the balloon photo in motion for an Instagram story (9:16) easily. Now you can enjoy moving photos more than ever!


[shortly Korean] 모션 포토 앱 VLLO – 다양한 모션 스티커와 라벨로 간단히 ‘움직이는’ 사진을 만들어줍니다. 글자 추가, 비디오에 음성 녹음 추가도 유용한 기능이죠. 특히 인스타그램 스토리용 짧은 모션 포토에 좋습니다.



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Vllo motion photo app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog


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