If you want to use a video filter editor with basic features and colorful effects, you can try VUE Vlog. This app provides interesting color filters that give different mood to your normal videos. It also has other useful features such as mute, trim, zoom, reverse, speed, and music.


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VUE Vlog

Colorful Video Filter Editor with Features



I use VUE Vlog mainly for interesting color filters that gives unreal, fantastic mood to my videos. But this app is also functionally good with its useful features like mute, changing speed (to x4), zooming, or reverse video. (By the way if you want to make your video “backward”, I recommend you to try more simple app only for it which I posted in August – Reverse Movie FX.)
Let me go straight to my video editing by VUE Vlog for you to understand this app immediately.


  • Decide screen ratio before importing video via “Select Frame”
  • Add filter to video via “Filter – OR” and edit easily via “Split”
  • Useful to get a video shortcut by trimming 1 second or 2.5 seconds
  • Also useful to make a flipped video (horizontally or vertically) by “Crop” feature

Go for VUE Vlog app >>


VUE Vlog video filter editor applied on a photo of re,play404 blog

VUE Vlog video filter app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog

Video filter editor & useful basic features

VUE Vlog supports standard and ultra-wide aspect ratio as well as full screen vertical videos.
As you see the screenshots, I imported my video which I edited previously by Momento. Since it was connected to the original video which had no balloons, I cut and deleted the part via “Split”.
Then I flipped it via “Crop” and applied P1 filter to make the mood a bit unreal. The video is also reversed so the balloons are going down.
It seems the title and caption (image far below) don’t work with free version so I skipped them.



I like the final result above. I chose the color filter which goes well with the balloons and you can try other ones for your video.
There’re so many video apps and it’s my pleasure to introduce them to you. Please check Photo Apps category if you’re interested in other apps.
Would you give this app a try and simply add filter to video, just like I did?



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VUE Vlog video filter app applied on a photo of re,play404 blog


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