It’s still cold so we need more warm color scheme. Today’s palette is from Edward Hopper, the American artist who captured the solitude in the modern city. These colors are ironically warm in spite of the loneliness visualized by the picture.


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Warm Color Palette

Colors from Desolate City


Edward Hopper is famous for “mood of isolation in the city” paintings. Usually his images look like winter (cold wind in your mind) but I found they often have warm colors ironically. So I made a warm color scheme from the colors of Hopper‘s picture, [Early Sunday Morning].
Since he painted “urban architecture” like this, it reminds me of Giorgio de Chirico as well – though the colors are different.


Urban architecture and cityscapes also were major subjects for Hopper. He was fascinated with the American urban scene, “our native architecture with its hideous beauty, its fantastic roofs, pseudo-gothic, French Mansard, Colonial, mongrel or what not, with eye-searing color or delicate harmonies of faded paint, shouldering one another along interminable streets that taper off into swamps or dump heaps.”


source: Wikipedia

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Image of the painting by Hopper on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts

Early Sunday Morning by Edward Hopper | image source: Wikiart


Soft warm color scheme

  • CMYK: 12, 0, 29, 43 | 0, 10, 44, 20 | 0, 20, 60, 20 | 0, 48, 58, 16
  • Web: #819169, #c9b571, #cca152, #d46f5b
  • Mood: slightly tone-down but not dark, warm and soft


Here I have a warm color scheme from “cold” painting. It’s a bit strange that the picture itself feels like desolate while the colors make us feel warm. Maybe you could pick a cool color scheme as well from this image but I didn’t want to do because it’s cold enough in Korea!


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Colors from Edward Hopper

Although Hopper lived different time from ours, we feel the same solitude in our “more than modern” cities. You have Sundays just like this in your cities, don’t you?

I have lived in and around Seoul for a long time. Although we have much newer buildings and bigger streets, the lonely feelings Hopper captured are just the same even in Seoul. The atmosphere of “empty space” is like what I feel in the next morning after the dazzling night at the bars and clubs.


Finally, I want you to take a look at Edward Hopper‘s another painting, [Office in a Small City] far below.
Although I’m working in a pretty big city, I think I feel like the office worker on this picture sometimes – too much connected only via internet. This picture expresses the isolation with cool-toned colors.

I also made other warm color combinations that are linked below if you’re interested. Warm orange color palette from Gauguin is similar to today’s one but has brighter tone. Hope the spring comes soon and we can actually feel warm around us!


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Image of the painting by Hopper on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts

Office in a Small City by Edward Hopper | image source: Wikiart


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