Is it really possible to make cosmetics waste free products? Bottles or dispensers bother us to do. Innerbottle might solve it with balloon-in-a-bottle technology. This product or packaging solution leaves less than 2% of residue and maximizes recycling rate.


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Balloon in a Bottle for Zero Waste


It’s not easy to make really waste free products – the closest one could be food with compostable or edible package like Scoby. But it’s almost impossible at least for now, to make every product compostable.

Recycle has been a part of our daily lives – I separate recyclables all the time and throw them at designated place on weekends. But I’m not sure that’s enough. Would they be actually recycled as I hoped?

Maybe one of the most annoying things is bottles. They can be recycled when they’re washed very well, almost completely. But can you clean them 100%? How about wasting and polluting water while doing like that, needless to say wasting contents?


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Innerbottle might be a solution to the problem. Although I’m still wondering if it’s easy enough to fill the bottle without air penetration, the idea of “balloon in a bottle” looks fresh. Let’s check what makes this product sustainable.


  • Balloon-in-a-bottle packaging solution to minimize residue
  • Waste free, contamination free & prevents oxidation
  • Cost competitive, design flexible (applies to all shapes)

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For bottles to be waste free products

So if you want to wash your used cosmetic dispensers perfectly but fail to do, you may need Innerbottle.

I think many cosmetic companies in Korea don’t recycle their packages (or get the packages back to recycle) though bigger companies have to pay to support recycling at least. Generally they just leave the job to customers.



Innerbottle can be cost competitive when the manufacturers pay the cost for recycling. So we need system to force them go recycling directly, to make waste free products more popular.

If every bottle won’t be changed at once, package free shops and products can be alternatives. Honestly I think my products are also a bit over-packaged. To make them less would be on my to-do list in 2020.

I hope Innerbottle or this type of dispenser would be more popular packaging solution for cosmetics. Package free shops are still limited to specific products and locations. We need more innovation just around us.


Snail Mail earbud case - on creative gifts gallery of re,play404

“Snail Mail” re,paly404


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