Maybe you don’t expect cars for the answer but there are car museums and this is one of them. They have art and toy collections as well as cars and it makes Museu do Caramulo more exceptional. They also present temporary exhibitions like Toys out of this world or events like Caramulo Motorfestival.


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Museu do Caramulo

Car Museum with Art Collection


I think I’m relatively familiar to museums. My parents love museums and so do I. Therefore I have visited various types of museums when I have some time to do, especially while I’m traveling.
But there are many people who usually don’t visit museums often and have no idea what does a museum have. I’d love to let them know there’re so many specific museums that have their collections focusing on one theme.

So let’s get started about things kept in museum, with a nice car museum in Portugal. Museu do Caramulo exhibits cars – automobiles, motorcycles and even toys and art with the cars. Caramulo is the name of the mountain where the museum is located and these are what they have.


  • Automobiles from 1880s to 2010s (old Fiat, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, etc.)
  • Motorcycles from 1910s to 1990s (old Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, etc.)
  • Cycles from 1860s to 1950s
  • Art collection including old sculpture, ceramics, textiles, furniture, modern & contemporary art by various artists
  • Vintage toys that cover almost a century of the history of toys
  • Also offers restoration workshop for owners of classic cars

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Car museum with event and workshop

Since two brothers who founded Museu do Caramulo had different passion, one building of the museum was filled with a collection of art object while another was full of cars and motorcycles. So this is not only a car museum but also an art museum. We can hardly find a museum like this.

I want to show you the video of their event, Caramulo Motorfestival. The festival is devoted to classic and sport automobiles and motorcycles, combining competition with touristic activities (check the official website if you’re interested).
The museum also offers “Oficinas do Caramulo“, restoration workshop for owners of classic cars. And it shows museums are not only academic but also practical!



Experience car museum in Portugal

I usually introduce smaller museums in City Museum category but today’s car museum is a bit bigger than others. The “variety” of collection makes Museu do Caramulo unusual but I think cars, toys and art go well with each other in this museum.
Although it seems cars are the main with big events, their art and toy collections look pretty nice and make me want more to visit. I’d like to see the wide variety of toys in person.

I really envy somebody who has a plan to travel in Portugal this year, especially in autumn for the festival.
Unfortunately I don’t have yet but you know, there might be unexpected travel – there would be!

This car museum could be a special place worth to visit, to experience beautiful classic cars with art (and also festival mood) while you’re travelling in Portugal. Of course you can enjoy their online archive, well-arranged photos of automobile collections in advance.

Museu do Caramulo, Rua Jean Lurçat 42, 3475-031 Caramulo, Portugal


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Car museum image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts

Car museum image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts

all image & video source: Museu do Caramulo


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