Have you ever dreamed living in a house on tree? I have and only for a month would make me happy with different experience. Today I introduce Yoki Treehouse by ArtisTree. It’s a first tree house resort located deep in the heart of central Texas.


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Yoki Treehouse

Small Resort between Cypress Tress



Maybe a few of you remember that I posted The Greenary, a house built around tree. Today I have another, smaller type of tree house which you may dreamed when you were a child who loved fairy tales.
Since Yoki is a native American word for rain, let me quote the founder of ArtisTree to understand the house better.


“Water is life—one of our most precious resources, and Artistree treehouses are designed to let people experience nature’s resources more intimately,” he adds. Water’s graceful flow through this creek is reflected throughout the minimalist design that uses local and sustainable materials such as elm, cypress, and spruce. In fact, water works its way into the design in many ways, from the Onsen-style soaking tub in the bath house, to the babbling stream that winds between the two majestic trees supporting the treehouse.



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Yoki house on tree image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts

Yoki house on tree image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts


Eco-luxury house on tree resort

I love the “Onsen-style” bathtub and ceiling window. Opening eyes in the morning and watching the trees through the window – that’s happiness. We can enjoy luxurious beds in hotel rooms but they usually don’t let us have the green leaves.
Overall this house is a bit bigger than I imagined and fully equipped (it really is a resort!). So it’s not a literally “natural” house but well-designed one to feel the nature.


Yoki house on tree image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts


I introduced a house on tree as well as a house built around tree. Which one do you like more?
I think Yoki is kind of more affordable (hopefully) type as a weekend resort or something. You don’t have maintenance problem from the city and the idea of “resting on the tree” always makes us pleased with the energy of green.



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Yoki house on tree image on a blog post of re,play404 Gifts

all image source: ArtisTree Homes


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